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Please review the information below to find answers, information and samples of the services we offer.

  1. Where do I get my Video From?
  2. Will I know if anyone views my Ad?
  3. Can I post the Same ad in multiple Cities?
  4. Do I have to use Video?
  5. How long will my Ad run?
  6. Can I edit or change my ad after it has been posted?
  7. Are there any file size limits or specifications?
  8. I Posted an Ad, but can't seem to see or find it?

  1. Where do I get my Video From?

    That's what makes our site so GREAT! It doesn't matter where you get your video from. You can even use your own equipment and record your video yourself. No need for an expensive videographer. With technology today, practically everyone has access to a digital camera of some sorts. You can even use your cell phone! We have also found that candid live videos get more attention and present buyers with a sense of personality. However, using basic free software found on most computers, you can easily edit and enhance your video before uploading to give your ad that professional look and feel.
  2. Will I know if anyone views my Ad?

    YES! "Log In" to the site and go to the "My Account" section, here you will see all ads you currently have on the site. Each ad will display the number of views your Ad has received. This helps you know if your information is getting out. It can also help you determine if your price is to high. (For example, if your views are high, but no one has purchased your item, maybe your price is too high.)

  3. Can I post the Same ad in multiple Cities?

    YES! This is just one more option we offer over other classified sites. Our Multi-Ad feature allows you to post the same Ad in as many different cities as you like. We will even give you a discount off your Ad's total cost. Advertise to only the areas you want, and as many as you need and SAVE!

  4. Do I have to use Video?

    NO. We understand that some users may not have the equipment, time or knowledge to create and upload a Video Advertisement. To compensate for this, we have given you the option to upload up to 4 still photos. Our system will then turn them in to a slide show for you. only offers this option as an alternative. We strongly promote the use of video, as this is the true theme of the site. We do not offer any discount for still pictures, and may restrict other options or features.

  5. How long will my Ad run?

    Currently, as our launch special, all Ad's currently run for 30 days. reserves the right to change this at any time. For more information, please view the "Price List".

  6. Can I edit or change my ad after it has been posted?

    Yes. You can change the title, description, price, pictures and video at any time during your ad's running. However, the start date for your ad will remain the same, and the video length can not be any longer than the original video. Also any options chosen during the original posting can not be changed.

  7. Are there any file size limits or specifications?

    YES. Depending on the category, or subcategories chosen, the file size allotted may vary. We have allotted what we feel is a fair amount of space needed to effectively advertise by category/subcategories. We also have applied an option that allows a purchase of more megabytes, if required. For more information, please view the "Price List".

  8. I Posted an Ad, but can't seem to view or find it?

    There are many situations that could cause this. Please check these following steps before you contact us.

  • Ad's can take up to 24 hours before becoming available to the system.
  • Does your Ad show in the "My Account" area?
  • Did you experience any difficulty during the uploading process?
  • Are you looking in the same State and City as the Ad was posted in?
  • Has the Ad expired?
  • If the Ad was posted in the wrong category, we may have moved it.
  • If the Ad contained material against our standard "Terms of Use", it was deleted.


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