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About Us provides cost-effective classifieds ads for individuals and businesses, with the goal of reaching a large and responsive audience across the Internet. 

By allowing users to post their products or services using a VIDEO presentation, the buyer is able to get so much more information about the content being offered.  Plus VIDEO can show so much more detail compared to sites with only a few still pictures and a text box description.

Also with long-term VIDEO advertisements, and an easy way to expose your classified ads to other high-quality websites in less time than it takes to finish breakfast, Our services are the most time-cost-effective way to advertise.

With the global economical crisis upon us, everyone is looking for the right deal, and a way to save money! With both sellers and buyers benefit from our services. Our rates for posting a VIDEO Ad are at an astonishing low rate compared to other options available. Please view our price list and see just how much you can save.

Imagine a car for sale where you could see a video of the inside, outside, under the hood and in the trunk, and also be able to hear it run!! This alone could increase your sales potential by 70%.

It's like having your own TV commercial on the Internet.
You create it!, You Post it! You Sell it!


with the power of
Social Networking.

Now you can Connect, Share and Network with others while you are building  and improving your advertising campaign.

With many of the same features as facebook, myspace or twitter, our site is designed specifically for businesses and consumers to have a mutual medium to connect and share money saving opportunities!

Your MyAdFlix profile page will become your advertising canvas with more tools and options than any other internet advertising web site.


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Many sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Craigslist and even Ebay allows you to embed or create a "Widget" (also known as a "Gadget", "Element" or "Web App") to be placed on your own homepage, blog or networking page.

MyAdFlix has now added this GREAT feature, so our site can be more useful and productive for our users.

So, create your ACCOUNT now, and customize your MyAdFlix home page to meet your needs.

It's that easy!

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